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Douglas Seemann

Douglas Seemann, Board Certified Entomologist
Forensic Applied Urban Entomologist

Nearly 40 years in the pest control industry, Doug came from Long Island in NY in 1992 to Tucson to be VP of a local pest control company. While in Tucson Doug co-wrote the licensing manual for the State of Arizona and later was the State Entomologist under Janet Napolitano and Jan Brewer. He owned and sold his own pest control company and currently is an expert witness in civil court cases.

Doug is the owner of BCE Services, LLC and consults with pest control companies and school districts throughout the country as well as serve as the Technical Director of Conquistador Termite and Pest Control and is the Technical Director for FiberTrap bed bug traps. He has run pest control programs in 8 states, and Mexico, has held or hold license in 5 states, and still services the Biosphere 2 in Tucson, working with them for over 25 years. He is also an active real estate broker, automobile enthusiast, and tries to get in a little fishing when he can.

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